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On November 1st, MIPRO was founded in Chiayi, Taiwan by K. C. Chang. Solomon Chang is the company president. The company motto is “innovation, quality and satisfied users”. MIPRO is an internationally focused company specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative microphones and portable public address systems.

In February, started to establish the modern 7-floor factory and headquarter located at Chiayi urban area.

Designed the new model MR series advanced wireless microphone systems and MA series portable PA systems.

On January 1st, the factory and headquarter was completed and started operation, implementing high efficient production management and computerized quality inspect systems.

Exhibited at the Berlin IFA Show, Taiwan Int’l Electronics Show, Taipei Int’l Hi-End Show, PALME Asia for the first time and introduced the MR-812, MR-312, MR-222, MR-221, MR-121 wireless microphone systems and the MA-707, MA-101 portable PA systems.

ISO-9001 certified.

Exhibited at the Prolight+Sound Frankfurt for the first time.

The MR-812 wireless microphone system received “Taiwan Excellence” label.

Exhibited at the NAMM show for the first time.

Opened Taipei office and showroom.

Introduced world’s first “ACT” (Automatic Channel Targeting) function, one touch for automatic working frequency sync between the receiver and the transmitter.

Introduced ACT-7 series multi-channel wireless microphone systems and invented the PC interface management system to remotely control 64 channels.

Owing to the increased domestic and international sales, the first expansion of factory and headquarter was completed and a celebration banquet was held.

The ACT-707 wireless microphone system was nominated in 18th TEC Awards.

Introduced MA-808 flagship portable wireless PA system.

The MA-909 wireless mixer was nominated in 21st TEC Awards.

Second expansion of factory and headquarter was completed, and the total area of the building was expanded to 13,500 square meters. The exclusive agents worldwide were invited to attend the tenth anniversary celebration.

Launched industry’s first ACT-8 series UHF true digital wireless microphone systems.

Advertising Endorser – May Sun.

The ACT-81 digital wireless microphone system was nominated in 23rd TEC Awards.

MIPRO branded products are sold internationally and domestically and continually received Taiwan Excellence awards and nominated in the TEC award’s Wireless Technology category. Gary Kayye, A/V consultant & educator, stated that MIPRO is one of the “Top Six Brand to Watch”.

Advertising Endorser – You Ya and A-pay.

The ACT-51 wireless microphone system was nominated in 24th TEC Awards.

Launched the MA-708 portable wireless PA system and the MA-202 flagship personal wireless PA system.

The ACT-727 wireless microphone system was nominated in 25th TEC Awards.


Advertising Endorser – Elisa Lin and Si-En.

Launched the wideband ACT-7 series wireless systems and MTG-100 digital tour guide wireless system.

Launched the MA-100 personal and the MA- 303 portable wireless PA system.

Received the “Taiwan First Brand” and “Taiwan Gold Medal Quality Product” certifications from Taiwan Manufacturer Association.

President, Solomon Chang, received Chiayi & Yunlin Outstanding Manager Award in June and then received National Executive Manager Award in October from Taiwan’s President. Same year, in recognition of MIPRO’s endeavors to develop innovative products and owning hundreds of patents, MIPRO was awarded the “National Invention and Creation Award” from Taiwan’s Vice President.

Launched industry’s first UHF wideband ACT-828/818 true digital wireless microphone systems.

Launched UHF 72MHz wideband ACT-7 series wireless microphone systems.

Launched the AT-100 circularly polarized antenna.

Obtained the technology from RET Electronics company, the longest-history electret condenser microphone capsule manufacturer in Japan. Complete the most advanced technology and equipment of electret condenser microphone capsule production line.

Awarded the prestigious 16th Rising Star Award from Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and received the award from the Premier.

Advertising Endorser – Lea Kao and Si-En.

Received the Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction certification mark as well as the Outstanding Award.

Launched the MA-505 portable wireless PA system.

In recognition of MIPRO rooted in Taiwan and insisted “Design in Taiwan, Made in Taiwan” principle, offered local job opportunities, dedicated to community services and made an outstanding contribution to the country’s economy, MIPRO was awarded FT-Standard Chartered Bank “Taiwan Business Award—Economic Contribution Award”.

The MI-909 digital in-ear monitoring system was nominated in 30th TEC Awards.

The ACT-828 digital wireless microphone system was awarded “Taiwan Excellence 2015”.

Advertising Endorser – Peggy Liu.

The MA-505 portable wireless PA system was awarded “2016 Taiwan Excellence”.

The MA-708 portable wireless PA system was awarded Germany’s Red Dot Award for its innovative and outstanding design.

The ACT-2400 series 2.4GHz wireless microphone systems was nominated in 32nd NAMM TEC Awards.

Advertising Endorser – Maya and A Cappella Vocal Band “Guess What”.

MIPRO specializes in manufacturing wireless microphone & wireless portable public address systems. The engineering team is led by founder and the 200 quality staff is managed by Solomon, the company president. After two decades, products are sold in over 80 countries, including sales and servicing offices in China, Germany and Korea to expand marketing and services for increasing sales. “Produce the best quality wireless microphone systems and wireless PA systems to create a world-class brand” is our goal, and we expect MIPRO will become one of the best brand among the professional audio products.


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