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May 12, 2017
City theater in Zlín opts for MIPRO

Městské divadlo Zlín (city theater in Zlín) was founded in 1946 and has one of the most progressive scenes of the whole Czech theater history. Its repertoire and cast are appreciated by both public and professionals and the theater also offers Czech-Slovak cooperation very often. For metropolitan Zlín city, the theater performs multifunctional culture space. It has a capacity of 800 beholders, a large stage with most modern equipment and also lots of valuable architectural and art segments. So there’s no wonder that the theater management relies on the best technical equipment, and that’s why MIPRO brand has been part of its inventory for many years. Thanks to new regulations by ČTU (Czech Telecommunication Bureau), the management had to innovate the entire wireless technology system to meet all the demands and asked MusicData company for help again. MusicData company is the exclusive distributor of MIPRO products in the Czech Republic and has cooperated with Zlín theater for many years.

Right now in the theater, there is the most modern wireless analog system ACT-7 series with diversity technology. The ACT-7 series also has lots of patents. One of them is AutoScan, which is used for fast searching of free frequencies. The whole system can be locked and protected against accidental change of setting (this function is very useful during scenes changing and disguising). Wireless technology ACT function enables simultaneous usage of 16 wireless interference-free channels. The whole system consists of 4 ACT-74 quad-channel receivers with 20 ACT-70T bodypacks and 4 ACT-70H handhelds. The quality and stable signal is ensured by AD-707a antenna dividers and AT-90W directional antennas. These new antennas are waterproof and flexible for outdoor or indoor usage.

Městské divadlo Zlín gets only positive feedbacks about the new wireless systems.
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