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October 14, 2017
MIPRO Sponsors 2017 Asia Beatbox Championship

2017 Asia Beatbox Championship was held in Taipei, Taiwan on August 18th and 19th, attracting a thousand of spectators. In order to establish the Asia Beatbox Championship as one of the biggest international beatbox tournament in the world, the host, TWBEATBOX.com, elevated its scale to 3 competitions and invited 7 juries from U.K., France, Singapore, Switzerland, and Russia. The 3 competitions are Solo Battle (one-to-one), Tag Team Battle (pair-to-pair) and Loopstation Battle. 50 contestants from 18 countries came here to compete for “Asia Champion” trophy.

During the two-day event, 4 teams were selected from each competition on the first day and then semi-finals and finals on the second day. The international juries Ball-Zee, Dharni, Mad Twins, Faya Braz and Reeps One also presented their showcase and receiving a rousing applause from the fans! The champion of Solo Battle is Bataco (Japan), Tag Team Battle is Hissroad (Korea), and Loopstation Battle is Sady (Indonesia).

MIPRO continually sponsored the Asia Beatbox Championship for the second year, and MM-59B beatbox microphone was still the official microphone for the contest. In fact, MIPRO has been developing new microphone and introduced an innovative MM-590, first of its kind, condenser/dynamic microphone in April, 2017. It is not only a condenser microphone but also a dynamic microphone. It’s designed for the users who require premium vocal condenser microphone in the venues without phantom power supplied by mixers. Thanks to the exclusive circuit design, the MM-590 powered by a built-in battery exhibits the same professional characteristics as those condenser microphones which require external 48V phantom power. Twbeatbox.com made a CF for MM-590 and played it on the scene of contest. In the CF, a beatboxer is using MM-590 as a dynamic mic, connecting to an amplifier, and performing on the street. Next cut, a beatboxer in a recording studio, putting another condenser mic capsule on MM-590 and push the switch on the housing, and MM-590 becomes a condenser microphone used for recording. This CF adopts the element of beatbox to cleverly express the product concept “2-in-1”.

MIPRO MM-59B has won praises from beatboxers since it was launched in Asia Beatbox Championship last year. “MIPRO MM-59B is really amazing for beatboxing because it captures a lot of details of the sounds and especially the fullness of the bass. Also, it’s very convenient to clean the dome of the mic compared to other mics. I highly recommend MIPRO MM-59B.” said Dharni, 2013 & 2014 Grand Beatbox Battle Champion. Zede, Beatbox Battle World Champion 2009, said, “As a technical beatboxer, a microphone should create very clear sounds and the low frequency are very important too. The MIPRO MM-59B has this clear sound and lows, also the way it handles the high frequency is awesome.” Pe4enkata, Beatbox Battle World Champion 2012, said, “I’m so happy. Only this mic for my performance!!!! The best!” Skiller, Beatbox Battle World Champion 2012, commented, “MIPRO MM-59 is definitely one of the best beatbox microphones right now!”

After the Asia Beatbox Championship, the German Beatbox Battle held on October 14, will also choose MM-59B as the official microphone. Julius Treike, German Beatbox Artist and Joint Organizer of German Beatbox Battle said, “We knew that MIPRO is producing good quality vocal Microphones for singing and speaking purpose. Therefore Gappo, a beatboxer of our team tried MIPRO MM-59 vocal version before. After testing, we used MM-59 vocal mic for all our shows, since it also is a really good microphone for beatboxing. Then Pepuoni, a member of German Beatbox Battle said that he recognized from Asia Beatbox Championship there is a new special MM-59B beatbox version. We asked MIPRO for testing sample of this special Beatbox version, and fell in love with it!” Julius said, “MM-59B has an amazingly warm and resonant sound and brings a completely new handling feeling compared to standard microphones!”

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