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February 1, 2018
MIPRO Introduces a Brand New Pedal Receiver for NAMM

MIPRO booth

In NAMM 2018, held on January 25th to 28th, MIPRO showcased high-end wireless microphones, IEM systems, and wireless portable PAs. The most surprising one is a brand new digital pedal receiver.

MIPRO ACT-8 Series, ACT-7 Series and ACT-3 Series

TEC nominated ACT-2400 Series

MI-909 digital IEM system

Wireless personal PAs and portable PAs

MIPRO has launched electric guitar, violin and saxophone microphones and transmitter kits for the past few years. In order to meet the demand for wireless systems for live performances of instrument players, MIPRO has developed a digital pedal receiver for musical instruments, and is officially unveiled in the most important international musical instrument trade show.

Eugene Chen, int’l sales director, said, “The MR-24 is a stepping stone for MIPRO's entry into the musical instrumental audio market. The MR-24 is different from the same type of product. In addition to electric musical instruments, the MR-24 is applicable to traditional instruments, such as acoustic guitars, stringed instruments, saxophone, brass instruments, etc. The MR-24 digital pedal receiver is making its debut, which is really a first for MIPRO, so we wanted to receive direct feedback from musicians.”

The MR-24 is a 2.4 GHz wireless pedal receiver designed for musical instruments. The panel is equipped with a large graphic LCD screen displaying various settings and operation information. Paired with MIPRO’s various 2.4 GHz transmitters, the MR-24 receives the audio signal picked up from the instrument microphone on strings, wind instruments, percussion, electric instruments, ethnic musical instruments, and modifies the tone effects with various preset functions. Players can use the footswitch to select and switch their favorite audio signals to one or more amplifiers. With its rugged metal case, built-in antenna and ergonomic footswitch for easy and quick set-up by the musicians, it is ideal for personal studio and live stage applications.

MR-24 Digital Pedal Receiver can be paired with MIPRO’s various instrument transmitters

The MR-24 provides up to 32 sets of user-programmable programs. Programs setting include Channel and ID settings, Cable Tone, Acoustic Response, Anti-feedback, Gain, Output, Phase, and Color. In particular, the proprietary “Acoustic Response” and “Anti-feedback” were developed exclusively to effectively modify the tone of the acoustic guitar to ensure the reproduction of the natural sound. Each setting can be switched by the footswitch. There are 3 outputs that can be connected to multiple effects; another Tuner-Out can be connected to the tuner for pitch adjustment. By operating with MIPRO’s various types of musical instrument microphone transmitter kits, the MR-24 is a personal sound engineer for all kinds of instrument performances!

MIPRO MR-24 Digital Wireless Pedal Receiver
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