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April 24, 2018
2018 Prolight + Sound Review

The 2018 Prolight + Sound was held from April 10th to 13th and MIPRO booth was in Hall 3.1. During the four-day exhibition, MIPRO brought new products such as wireless microphones, wireless PA systems and a pedal receiver. Besides, MIPRO shared the good news of TA-80 Digital Plug-on Transmitter winning the 2018 iF Design Award.

MIPRO TA-80 digital wireless plug-on transmitter is the only plug-on transmitter on the market that incorporates digital circuit. Compared with the other similar products that are widely used in recording interviews, TA-80 can supply 12~48V and high current load phantom power and so it can be plugged into various advanced condenser microphones, including precision measurement condenser microphones.

Thanks to TA-80’s superior features, it can transform the measurement microphone into wireless transmission, thus it can replace the traditional optimizing adjustment by cables in large stadiums. Without the cables, the measurement task will become easier. The TA-80 should be used with the MIPRO ACT-828/848 digital receiver, or with the ACT-80 / ACT-80R ultra-compact ENG receiver as an interview kit.

This year, for the product line of wireless microphone systems, MIPRO still put emphasis on the ACT-2400 Series 2.4 GHz wireless system. In the current situation where the UHF frequency band of the world is getting more and more limited, the universal 2.4 GHz ISM band is becoming a battleground of numerous brands. MIPRO has developed a complete antenna system, which can extend the coverage and increase signal stability, to amend the defects of the short distance and poor penetration of the 2.4 GHz wireless system.

In addition, its wide frequency response makes it particularly ideal for musical instruments. Based on the newly developed MR-24 digital pedal receiver, MIPRO has schemed a new wireless microphone product line for musical instruments, including guitar series, saxophone series, violin series, Cajon and ethnic musical instrument series. A slew of wireless kits for each musical instrument will be launched soon.

The new generation of ACT-7 Series and ACT-8 Series can be equipped with a Dante interface in response to the demand of audio network management. Besides, the ACT-848 quad-channel receiver is added to ACT-8 Series, which can save half space of the cabinet for the installation of multi-channel systems.

On the second day, MIPRO hosted a live show of the German violinist, Florian Meirerott. He used the VT-22 violin transmitter kit to transmit the audio signal to the MA-708 portable PA for amplification. It’s very quick and easy to set up. The melodious violin sound creates a joyful atmosphere and eases the tight rhythm of the meetings.

MIPRO was grateful to the distributors who came to Frankfurt from all over the world to inquire for new products, also the media who came to the MIPRO booth to make interviews. The drive that makes MIPRO participating in Prolight + Sound show every year for 22 years is to meet with European and American customers, collect product opinions and come back with many ideas, and continuously strive to develop new products or improve and upgrade products to meet the market demand. Next year, MIPRO will bring more new products to meet with everyone!

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