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MIPRO wins 2017 Dun & Bradstreet SME Elite Award October 26
ACT-24R 2.4 GHz Tour Guide Receiver Shipping Now! October 24
MIPRO Sponsors 2017 Asia Beatbox Championship October 14
MIPRO portable PAs partnered artists in Paderborn International Arts Fair September 19
ACT-848 Wideband Quad-Channel Digital Receiver Shipping Now! September 4
MA-101G 2.4 GHz Personal Wireless PA System Shipping Now! August 21
MA-100SG / MA-100DG 2.4 GHz Personal Wireless PA System Shipping Now! August 11
AD-702 Antenna Auto Gain Controller Shipping Now! August 11
Road Test - Evaluating the MIPRO ACT-2402 digital wireless system July 28
Red Dot Gala 2017: The best designers and manufacturers of the year were recognised July 19
ACT-545B Quad-Channel True Diversity Receiver Shipping Now! June 9
MIPRO helps spread the word at Redemptoris Mater Seminary, Dundalk May 24
City theater in Zlín opts for MIPRO May 12
Excellent! MIPRO’s MA-808 wireless PA and ST-24 wireless saxophone set win Red Dot for high quality April 18
England Golf on par with MIPRO thanks to AVworx and CUK Audio February 23
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