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MIPRO portable PAs partnered artists in Paderborn International Arts Fair September 19
ACT-848 Wideband Quad-Channel Digital Receiver Shipping Now! September 4
MA-101G 2.4 GHz Personal Wireless PA System Shipping Now! August 21
MA-100SG / MA-100DG 2.4 GHz Personal Wireless PA System Shipping Now! August 11
AD-702 Antenna Auto Gain Controller Shipping Now! August 11
Road Test - Evaluating the MIPRO ACT-2402 digital wireless system July 28
Red Dot Gala 2017: The best designers and manufacturers of the year were recognised July 19
ACT-545B Quad-Channel True Diversity Receiver Shipping Now! June 9
MIPRO helps spread the word at Redemptoris Mater Seminary, Dundalk May 24
City theater in Zlín opts for MIPRO May 12
Excellent! MIPRO’s MA-808 wireless PA and ST-24 wireless saxophone set win Red Dot for high quality April 18
England Golf on par with MIPRO thanks to AVworx and CUK Audio February 23
MIPRO MA-708 portable wireless PA system wins Taiwan Excellence Award January 9

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