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ACT 8 Series

In 2006, MIPRO launched the industry-leading ACT-82 digital wireless system and then it was nominated in the 23rd TEC awards’ Wireless Technology category in 2007. In 2011, MIPRO launched the wideband ACT-82a digital wireless system, extending the bandwidth from 24 MHz to 120 MHz.

In 2012, MIPRO launched 64 MHz ACT-828 dual-channel & ACT-818 single-channel digital wireless systems and awarded 2015 Taiwan Excellence.

In 2016, MIPRO launched ACT-848 quad-channel system, equipped with newly designed VFD screen, headphone monitor connector, and AES/EBU digital output and optional DANTE interface, which is also equipped in the ACT-828 as an optional upgraded version. In addition to the ACT-80H & ACT-80T transmitters powered by 2AA alkaline batteries, the optional ACT-80HC & ACT-80TC rechargeable transmitters offer a rechargeable lithium-ion battery solution.

With Dante audio networking interface, the signal strength doesn’t attenuate with the distance and is not easy to be interfered. Use one single ethernet cable to replace the bulky and complicated cable transmission and transmit multiple audio channels.

ACT-8 series features an excellent quality that earns praises from professional audio experts. The handheld microphone transmitter is equipped with MIPRO’s latest microphone capsules that deliver an exceptionally clear, accurate sonic image to the listener. They are ideal for broadcast, live sound production, conference and similar large venue applications.
ACT-828  |  ACT-848  |  ACT-800H  |  ACT-80H  |  ACT-80HC  |  ACT-800T  |  ACT-80T  |  ACT-80TC
ACT 2400 Series
MIPRO has developed ISM 2.4 GHz wireless system for several years and launched MIPRO ACT-2400 Series in 2015 that comply with the international telecom regulations. In 2016, MIPRO developed two new 2.4GHz models – ACT-2412A dual-channel & ACT-2414A quad-channel receivers – based on the professional specifications, that is, to add antenna connectors with bias on the rear panel for installing detachable antennas or external antenna systems, to increase reception range and enhance signal quality.

MIPRO’s ACT-2400 Series digital receivers employ a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology and true diversity receiving with an adaptive tracking algorithm to skip the Wi-Fi frequency in use and effectively avoid interference from 2.4 GHz communication products, ensuring long distance transmission with no signal drop-out. Full-range sound quality won’t be affected by the strength of RF signals or operating distance. Innovative high fidelity audio process assures a wireless sound quality that easily rivals cable transmission.
The transmitters provide 10 hours of operation from the lithium battery and can be charged by an intelligent charger station.
ACT-2401  |  ACT-2402  |  ACT-2412A  |  ACT-2414A  |  ACT-24HC  |  ACT-24H  |  ACT-24TC  |  ACT-24T
ACT 5800 Series
In 2018, MIPRO launched industry-leading wireless systems operated in ISM 5.8 GHz that comply with international telecom regulations, including ACT-5802 dual-channel and ACT-5801 single-channel receivers. The ACT-5800 Series employs a FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology and true diversity receiving to ensure long distance transmission with no signal drop-out. These systems effectively avoid interference from the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi frequency and other 2.4 GHz communication products, thus offer satisfying high C/P ratio alternatives for live shows, public address or musical instrument wireless transmission.
ACT-5801  |  ACT-5802  |  ACT-5812A  |  ACT-5814A  |  ACT-58H  |  ACT-58HC  |  ACT-58T  |  ACT-58TC
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