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MA-101ACT Wireless Classroom PA System
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The system is designed so that each teacher can carry their own personal wireless microphone from classroom to classroom.

The MIPRO MA-101ACT remote-controlled wireless PA system allows a single MT-101ACT wireless mic to be operated in multiple rooms without cross-modulation. Ideal for classrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms. As well as the benefits to the audience of clearly amplified speech, this system will help to alleviate stress on the lecturer's voice and has the hygienic bonus that each presenter can have their own microphone.

A traditional portable PA system requires a PA amplifier plus a matching frequency wireless microphone in each room. For example, in 4 rooms there would be a total of 4 PA amplifiers and 4 matching wireless microphones.

However with the innovative design of MA-101ACT system the user simply uses the same wireless microphone in any of the four rooms that are installed and frequency programmed. With a simple touch of a button the microphone is automatically synced to the PA amplifier's frequency in each room and PA is ready to use.

Up to 97 different rooms using the same wireless microphone is possible.

Ideal applications include:
  • Multiple classrooms
  • Multiple meeting rooms
  • Multiple training rooms
  • Tours for factories, companies, museums, zoos

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