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Miss Autumn Leaves

MISS AUTUMN LEAVES is a popular singer in Belgium with the hit single "Don't Walk Away." Though coming from a Gospel singing background, she also sings Dance music, soulful House, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Pop, and R&B. She plays guitar, writes, composes and sings her own music. Her mezzo-alto voice is beautifully deep, warm and powerful. Wherever she performs it is always a blessing.
Nowadays she is collaborating with the best DJ's and producers of England, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. (Robert Abigail, Audiolovers, Olivier Abbeloos, Peter Luts, ABX and Samson Lewis, Timofey and Bartosz Brenes, VR-Musik etc.)
Her new single called 'Move Up&Down' is the first release of Miss Autumn Leaves' famous dance. Everybody enjoys the song and can't help dancing when hearing its music. That's Miss Autumn Leaves' performance style--full of energy and joy.
Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9El3UODFlmk
Product Used:

"I was introduced to Mipro Microphones by Mario Clabots (Mipro Benelux) in 2010 and I am still convinced that it is similar to and compatible to one of the best sounds in the world! I love the sound and clearness. Not every sound studio or sound engineer is familiar with Mipro equipments so I hope they all will soon find out the difference. Lets spread the sound of MIPRO and blast the audiances' ears in eargasm style!"



Miss Autumn Leaves aka Ebby Drenthe, Singer/ Songwriter/ Composer/ MC/ Vocal Coach/ Writer is a great charismatic singer with a warm, beautiful and strong voice. She sings different styles of music. From soulful House, Gospel, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Pop, R&B; you name it and she sings it. Except Opera, a style which she adores. That's why she wrote her next musical 'Sing Sister Swing', with the theme 'Gospel versus Opera', which will be presented next year in 2014!


You can hear Miss Autumn Leaves' Gospel influences through her singing; full of faith, love, joy and power. Through out her singing career she has sung for great artists and famous names, such as: Gloria Estefan, Madeline Bell, Debby Sledge, Dana Winner, at the wedding of Ruud Gullit, Paul Haarhuis, Alex Blanchard, and many more. Nowadays she is known as a great Dance Diva in Belgium and sings in the most popular clubs, and popular events. 


At the moment Miss Autumn Leaves is working with some of the best DJ's / Producers from the USA, England, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium. With her latest tracks she is working with: Rogier van der Meer aka DJ Phase! "Know Right Now", "My Love", "It's All About", "All Night Long" and more to come! You can find her CD's and samples on I-Tunes, Beatport, Amazone, Audio Jelly and many more. Releases by Made2dance (NL), Trigga Entertainment(US), Mostiko(BE), Spinnin'(NL), Breakloose Music(UK), NEWS(FR), Gunrecords (BE) and BIP (BE)


You can have an exciting trip through the website of Miss Autumn Leaves; to find out more, to listen to her music, watch great performances on video, see funny and lively pictures and perhaps leave a personal note in her web book. www.missautumnleaves.com  


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