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Sebi Jaeger
MIPRO endorser, World-Champion B-Boy, Sebi Jaeger

Sebi Jaeger (Killa Sebi) was born and grown up in Berlin. Started as a young B-Boy during several years of hard practice, Sebi came to be one of the best B-Boys in Germany. Sebi has won all kinds of titles such as: Berlin Champion, German-Champion, European-Champion and 2 Times World-Champion at the Red Bull Beat Battle in London 2007 with his Crew Flying Steps and as a solo artist at the Notorious IBE Super Solo 1vs1 in Netherlands.

Right now Sebi is performing all over the World at International Events and TV Shows in Korea, Los Angeles, New York, Estonia, Tokyo, Morocco, UK etc. In addition to this, he is part of the Hollywood Movie production “Beat The World“ and played one of the central characters (main rolls) in the new Movie about B-boying in East-Germany called ‘Dessau Dancers’ which is out right now and playing in all German cinemas. Furthermore Sebi is working as a professional B-boy Teacher and Coach at the Flying Steps Academy in Berlin.

Sebi says:

“Together with some of my team colleagues from different crews all over Germany we made a special Team on the street named SHOWTIME. Since 2008 we are performing only with MIPRO at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, and other cities in Germany, such as Hamburg, Hannover, Leipzig, Dresden, Cologne, Münster, etc.”

“Why do we use MIPRO? Because those are one of the best portable sound systems worldwide!!”

“We tried a lot of other speakers before but MIPRO was by far the best! So we keep on using MIPRO since more than 7 Years. They are good for practice too, and for stage performances, we did also TV Spots and Workshops with MIPRO.”

“Usually we are performing open-air on the streets - MIPRO speaker have the best sound quality and are strong and loud enough to reach the audience and make them go crazy with us!!”

“Together we work in separate teams on different stages all around the world!”

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