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Chris Böhm
MIPRO endorser, German BMX Champion, Chris Bohm

Chris Böhm was born and grew up near Leipzig, Germany. At the age of 15, he watched the Euro Sport X-Games Show on TV and fell in love with BMX Sports. Chris bought himself a BMX Bike and started to live his Dream.

Since the year 2000, Chris Böhm has won several titles such as German BMX Champion, "Battle in da Club" Champion, German BMX Flatlander Champion (Bic Series) and he was nominated 3 times for the title "Rider of the year" FreedomBMX.

Chris also performed in many German TV Shows like "Das Supertalent" or "Got to Dance" and always reached the final rounds.

As founder of the Newschool flatland Agency BMX Shows, right now Chris Böhm is on Tour through Germany and Switzerland.

Together with Sebi Jäger B-Boy, they perform with their new show "BreakMX" on the big stages all over the land.

Chris says:
"In the beginning of 2015, I first listened to MIPRO speakers and fell in love with their performance. These speakers really meet what they promise - perfect sound and enough power for my street shows."

"Since I have to do training, perform on the street or act out on any stage every day, my MIPRO speaker became my fellow number 1. Battery powered, perfect sound and over 6 hours of performance - I will not miss the MIPRO sound systems anymore!"

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