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Grupa Rafała Kmity

Grupa Rafała Kmity was set up in 1993.

During 25 years of activity, the group has given over 2,000 performances, not only in Poland, but also in Russia, Sweden, Austria, France, as well as the United States. Grupa Rafała Kmity has won many awards at theater and cabaret festivals, including winning PaKA Cabaret Festival in Cracow three times (1993, 1994, 1995). Such feat hasn't been achieved by any other comedy group to date.

The critics describe the performances of the group as witty, full of perverse humor, excellent music and superb, lively acting. "In music, a dramatic chord differs from the light only with one note - the hallmark of Grupa Rafała Kmity is comedy that is just one word away from tragedy..."



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