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Founded in 1995, MIPRO has been the world leader in wireless, battery-operated, portable PA systems for over 20 years. Our passion for innovation and excellence has awarded us many industry firsts and garnered numerous prestigious awards over the years.

The coveted 2016 Germany’s Red Dot Award for Product Design was recently bestowed upon MIPRO for the popular MA708 system. The MA708 has long been the benchmark by which all other portable PA systems are measured.

The same user-friendly technology employed in the MA708 can be found throughout all of MIPRO's more than half dozen portable PA options. These go-anywhere, durable systems are incredibly user-friendly and fully customizable making them an affordable, go-to solution for public address applications of nearly any size and scope.

MIPRO's wireless portable PA systems truly deliver on their mantra of simplicity, flexibility, and portability. That’s why these products are trusted and proudly used by schools, athletic teams, houses of worship, corporations, street performers, tour guides, public safety personnel, fitness instructors, and more in over 80 countries.

When only the best will do, trust MIPRO.



All-in-one PA Systems solutions with multiple wireless microphones.

Very little set-up or take-down time required unlike installed sound systems.

Incredibly simple to use for anyone. No experience or technical background required.


Modular add-on design provides flexibility: CD/USB player, USB/SD player recorder, Up to 4 wireless receivers & wireless interlinking transmitter can be easily installed in seconds.

Hand carrying, shoulder strap use or mount on a speaker or microphone stand. Or on any flat surface.

All systems are AC & battery operated. Ideal for any indoors and outdoors applications.


Retractable luggage-style handle & sturdy wheels provide effortless transport.

Lightest weight in its class.

Rugged, durable, and weather-resistant injection-molded cases.

Innovative Features & Benefits Not Found on Most Other Portable PAs

Industry's only "Scan & ACT sync" technology for easy & fast wireless channel set-up.

Industry's only integrated retractable “luggage-style” handle and sturdy wheels for easy transport.

Industry's only built-in handy storage compartment for 2 wireless microphones.

Integrated USB MP3 Player & Recorder with remote (MA-101su/du & MA-303su/du).

Digital audio CD/USB/Bluetooth media player.

Industry's only interlinking transmitter option to interlink multiple MIPRO MA-708 or MA-808 portables wirelessly to extend transmission range and expand wider coverage up to 1 kilometer (0.6 mile). Longer distance is possible, too.

Industry's only innovative "digital master volume control" enables volume loudness be manually or remotely controlled by an optional MIPRO ACT-32Hr Handheld Transmitter Microphone instead of a separate remote.

Industry's only warning indicator detects wireless interference and provides suitable adjustability.

Smart 4-segment battery meter for accurate battery reading and charging status.

VOP (voice over priority) feature that mutes the music when wireless microphone is used.

Echo effect control so singers sound fuller and richer.

Wireless microphone storage.

Wireless musical instrument microphones for amplification.


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