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ACT-828 Digitally Encrypted Wireless System
Guess What, A Cappella Vocal Band, Taiwan
Cam: “I really enjoyed using the new Champagne Microphones from MIPRO. They had a warm but clear tone which made it easy to sing comfortably. They responded very quickly and we had no feedback or distortion problems. It was a such a treat to have the opportunity to use these microphones to perform!”
ACT-Series Wireless Systems
Chris Corbier, free-lance HF technician, Netherlands
“I liked my older 16-channel MIPRO system a lot, good sound quality and very reliable. The sound quality has more than once surprised some very critical sound engineers. In February 2014 my old system will be replaced by a new one, due to the local frequency regulations, but my choice was made very easily, it will again be a 16-channel MIPRO system. The quad-channel receivers make it a very compact 16-channel system, easily to transport in a normal car. Also for use with acoustical instruments, the system performs very well. For me and my customers the MIPRO price quality ratio is very important, this brings and keeps wireless solutions in reach of most of the amateur theater groups, without having to give in on the quality they need.”
Mike Morgan, Lebanon, Missouri, USA
"This is Mike Morgan from Lebanon, Missouri, USA. We have been selling your products for several years now and I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the performance. Electronically, the units work very well, surpassing the performance of most of the other products on the market...we are very pleased."
Audio Media Magazine
"MIPRO may not be the most familiar name in the marketplace, but its extensive range of radio microphone systems shows it to be a serious contender...This is a small market with a handful of established major players, and it will take some doing for MIPRO to mix with them; but if this system is anything to go by it might just have what it takes."
David Foister, Audio Magazine, Australia
"In use, the whole system was completely hassle-free, throughout a fairly jam-packed setup and event. The process of naming receiver channels and configuring transmitters took no time at all and the highly informational display....This was backed up by the superb sound and complete lack of any interference or diversity switching artifacts."
Will James, Pro Audio Review Magazine
"The MIPRO wireless rig is an exceptional value in the world of affordable wireless rigs. I was most impressed with ease of programming, the quality of construction, and the dexterity of sound replication. I found the RF path and electronics to be of excellent quality, with excellent rejection of outside RF and very quiet while idling."
Daryl Stratichuk, Canada
"I've always loved your wireless products. It deserves to be one of the major wireless lines in the market."
Doug Engstrom, USA
"MIPRO ACT707DE is very good performance for the $. Everyone loves 'em. Handheld balances well...the battery life is 26 hours."
Michael Prashun, Audio Engineer, USA
"Given the amount of use we have given our 4 demo units and now the purchase of 16 more units and their use...The high end handheld transmitters, ACT-707HM, have an all metal housing that seems to be virtually indestructible material...The battery life on both is exceptional!! On the last show I used them as table mics for a business meeting and had 16 units running for nearly 15 hours and they all showed over half battery strength on the transmitters after that day, using the included off name batteries! I imagine that getting 20-25 hours out of them with ProCell or Energizer Industrial batteries is easily possible, and maybe more...The audio quality of the MIPRO in comparison to the EW300 was definitely in favor of the MIPRO, especially with regard to companding issues. Overall the MIPRO was more 'open' sounding and produced a more dynamic sound than the EW300 with a crisper high end too...I've been general pleased with them and would recommend them if they fit your application. Most churches would be very pleased with this product, and many larger production and rental houses could certainly find a place for MIPRO products as supplements to their high end products, or for sheer numbers of units depending on the application."
Shah Tabir, Sound Engineer, Singapore
" There wasn't a single drop out or RF problem throughout the whole time. That kind of RF perfection is commendable and must be publicized."
Steve Sechler: Road Manager and Lead Guitarist for John Conlee
"I have come through a busy touring season in all types of venues and my MIPRO in-ear-monitor system and ACT-707S guitar wireless system has performed flawlessly. I honestly think my wireless guitar tone is as good as using a good quality cable."
Jonas Carlsson, Sound Engineer, Sweden
"ACT-707 receiver is perfect, because of it's size, easy to carry on and really easy to understand. The ACT system makes it also very easy to program the transmitters, and the Menu at the receiver is really easy to understand. I prefer MIPRO more than other brands specially in theatres, because here where I work I need the frequencies that MIPRO provide, It's almost the only wireless systems around here that works when you need to use more than 8 wireless systems. Usually I work with the ACT-707TM metal bodypack transmitters. They're strong and reliable in theatres "
Oyvind Rauset, Norway
"I got a new cordless microphone for the fiddle on Saturday, and already used it with great success on two concerts with Oslo Radio-Orkester. Suddenly it was 20% more fun to be on stage. Full mobility, no more cables to break..."
Leroy Dunning, Canada
"I'd take a serious look at the Mipro ACT series. We got a couple in to test them out and love them. They sound good, high capsule rating (148dB), and with 64 available frequencies - interference isn't a problem".
Vinny Osborne, The Sound & Music Company, Dublin, Rep of Ireland
"I have been using MIPRO's ACT-707 UHF 4-Channel True Diversity Receiver's for over 2 years now. There compact design along with there fabulous RF pick-up capability make it a great choice for our theatre applications. We have had great success with the MIPRO MU-55L Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone. It sounds great and is small enough to hide in actors' hair & face. Along with MIPRO's quality and there first rate back-up service, I have no problem in recommending MIPRO for the amateur, semi-pro and professional market."
Kirk Longhofer, Director, Communications and Technology, USA
"If you're looking for economy and good value, I would recommend you check out the Mipro line."
Jim L, Missouri, USA
"Our theatre has been using Mipro mikes for about 7 years now. We've had no problems with them. I did sound for another theatre that had all Shure mikes, Mipro out performed them. And I liked the sound quality better. When I was DJing, My wireless was a handheld Mipro. I loved it, never had a problem with it."
Deedee O'Brien, executive director of Challenge Unlimited, USA
"Based on our experience with the MIPRO wireless mics, The MIPRO ACT-707 systems provide us the flexibility to target and change frequencies quickly, and this capability is essential in this type of application, where many broadcasters and security radios arrive at the last minute. I find the ACT-707HM to be extremely reliable, very conservative on power, and the performance of the cardioid condenser head provides great reach if the speaker holds the mic low. Similarly, it does a great job with high SPLs in the event that someone shouts directly into the mic. The MIPRO wireless systems performed flawlessly.The February 9th rally was a huge success–both for Senator Obama and Bronson Audio Visual & Event Services"
Carlo Isabelli, trumpeter, USA
"This MIPRO system is my pro microphone setup. It's trouble free, it does everything I need it to do, and it's easy to work with, which enables me to focus on the performance as opposed to the technology. At the end of the day, it's the music that ultimately matters."
Paul Dengate, Hire Manager, TMC Hire, Australia
"Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent rack-mounted wireless systems. We use a 12 channel ACT 707 system for all forms of production. From conferences to musicals the 707 system , with the MU55 headsets, is reliable and sounds good. These days there is not much room afforded for the “man behind the desk” so the 707’s compact size is one of its best features. It is fantastic that you can have 12 channels of headset receivers all living in a tiny 3 rack unit space."
Barry Birdwell, Sales Engineer, D&H Electronic Systems Lebanon, TN USA
"We have been using Mipro as our choice for wireless for the past 5 years or so. We do a lot of school theaters and gymnasiums and have installed at least one Mipro system in 90% of them (roughly 55 systems since 2005). In many cases for these projects the specifying engineer has specified another system and we have submitted Mipro as our product choice without opposition. To date we have only had one failure that I can remember and that was with a body pack transmitter to which Mipro replaced under warranty. We have tested the limits of the remote antennas as we have been able to get a handheld transmitter to lock an antenna and transmit roughly 500’ for remote field announcements at an outdoor softball park. All in all, I don’t think I could ask for much more out of a wireless system. They just work!"
Greg Maglione, Tower Music, Fenton, Missouri
"As an independent dealer I enjoy finding and developing new product lines. Mipro is a real find. The product is always available and in most cases will ship the same day. Parts are always available. The surprise is that I never need parts. The stuff works. I recently checked our sales history for Mipro products and was shocked to see the number of items sold versus the number of items returned for repair. Far less than any other brand we handle. Mipro wireless is basically problem free, Mipro has made it easy by making it less likely for the performer to cause a problem. The ACT feature makes it impossible for the performer to accidently change channels. Other benefits include the following: Gain structure cannot be misadjusted. On / Off switches can be hidden from the end user and mute switches have been eliminated (one less switch to go bad). Hand held mics will not roll off tabletops. Rack kits are smart and simple. Color coded end caps ( no extreme colors). Antennas always seem to be out off the way and don't break. My customers are more than happy and that makes me more than happy."
Ted Parnell- Best, Pro Audio Specialist with Advance Pro, www.advance-pro.com , Manitoba, Canada
"We love selling MIPRO here at Advance Pro. We recently put two 4-channel frames into Thompson, Manitoba's Burntwood Regional Health Authority. They needed a wireless system to stage large-scale presentations and purchased two ACT707F with ACT707M receiver modules and eight ACT707TM beltpack transmitters to do the job. They chose MIPRO based on my recommendation. They wanted reliability and great sound quality from a system that was easy to setup and easy to use. MIPRO was there to answer the call. We promote MIPRO for the reliability, ease of use and also the incredible value. Bottom line: MIPRO gives more channels per dollar than competitive products and it's the simplest to sell and setup 8-channel system in the market today."
Angel Tirao - Anl Pro Lights & Sounds Reinforcement Systems, Philippines
"I love the ACT systems...MIPRO'S Wireless Lapel microphone keeps me going and going and going...with MIPRO event will always be successful.....event must go on with MIPRO!"
Felix A Foggia (Phil) & Systems Design Technology (President) West Long Branch, NJ U.S.A.
"We at Systems Design Technology use MIPRO Wireless exclusively for our Rentals and Permanent Installations because they are reliable. The number of available groups for its transmitters and receivers and computer software control makes it easy to setup and frequency coordination is greatly simplified. We also appreciate the systems flexibility, e.g., setting up a Body-Pack Transmitter to be used as an Audio Wireless link for a Mixer that is not easy to run cable to. We appreciate the many types of lavaliere & head-set microphones available and the quality of their handheld transmitters. The battery life on all the transmitters is incredible, a saving for us and our clients. Most important is the Mipro Customer Service. Their support is very good, always there when needed and they return calls immediately."
MA-101a Personal Wireless PA System
Spinus, Universal Comedy and Street Theater, Macedonia
"MA-101a the perfect portable for street performances!"
David C. Peters, ProSonics , Canada
"I have been selling Mipro now for about 8 years, with many installed systems across Canada and satisfied customers using the products. Many thanks."
Etienne Lemery, SONO Magazine
"You don't have to worry about setting anything up...the mike is the correct type for speech...There is very low background noise. certainly none that you can hear..."
Jess G. Hofilena, CEO - Philam Plans, Philippine
"I have become very dependent on my MA101 unit. Because of its portability and self-contained power source, it is the ideal speaker support system for me"
Jess Mock, Magician - Florida, U.S.A.
"I would like to thank you for an excellent product! I bought the mipro MA-101 in Florida in summer 2010. I am a magician and I have been using it ever since. I have told my friends about it and 3 of them have bought their own already."
Steven Aughton, Compass Disability Services - U.K.
"I have used it on a few occasions now one being in a heavily built area with high volume of crowds and has prevailed well. The speaker projects a good clear sound. It is a light and easy to carry piece of equipment"
MA-101C Personal Wireless PA System
Nick Wiszynski, Street Performer/Magician, Thailand
"I'm a street performer/magician and a happy user of the MA 101C for more than a year. The quality of the sound during my show plays a crutial role in the success of my act. I take this PA system seriously, and am happy that Mipro is working for me."
MA-202 Personal Wireless PA System
Nickey Fynn, Magician, U.S.A.
"I use the MIPRO 202 for my street magic shows around the world. Entertainers are often puzzled over how such a compact design makes louder, more crystal sounds than their portable amps of similar wattage. When it comes to my show amplification, I stay with MIPRO."
MA-303 Portable Wireless PA System
Gianni Bertossa, Switzerland Performer
“MA-303 is lightweight and compact. It sounds good, loud and clear”.
I feel really lucky to have this unit". - Lenard Stanga of Pangaea Arts, Vancouver, Canada
"I love the MA-303, it serves out needs perfectly! Outdoors with lots of ambient noise I can easily cover a crowd of a few hundred, and of course many more indoors. Using it with the MU-23 microphone, it's like a natural extension of my voice. Frankly, I can't believe the battery life, I keep wanting to recharge it, and it never seems to need it. I'm really happy I found your website, and thrilled you were able to help me. Other street performers are often coming up and asking about my system, as it's got a really surprising amount of sound for such a small unit. And everyone loves that it's got a USB port and MP3 player
MA-705 Portable Wireless PA System
Amy B. Bodwell, manager of public programs and butterflies for Brookfield Zoo, Chicago
"We like using the Mipro MA-705 portable PA system, and have found that it works well, is lightweight and provides the reliability and quality we need."
MA-707 Portable Wireless PA System
Daniel, Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobile Czech, s.r.o , Czech Republic
"MA-707 is great equipment for our purpose. We can take meeting anywhere in our plant , either in production halls or meeting rooms in office area . We can relay on the big sound volume even in production times and take advantage of simplicity of use. Using advantage of two microphones on different frequency is a need for us due to the fact that interpreters are often used for translation."
Etienne Lemery, SONO Magazine
"The MA-707 is more powerful pumping out without distortion...It is bigger, heavier, and most important, better specs: it also benefits by the twin wheels and a telescopic handle, to help you along as you do the rounds of whatever trade fairs or local market you are performing at...The mike radio link works perfectly, even at a distance..."
Pierre-Yves Mutrux, Audio & Acoustics engineering, Austria
"I bought a MA-707 a few years ago and I'm very happy about it. I use it a lot for out-doors activities such as baptisms, funerals or youth outings. I also use it for indoors events, particularly when there is no time or no room for a bigger installation. It's much appreciated not only by the participants of the mentioned events but also by the operator for it's simplicity of operation, reliability and flexibility. Most of my "clients" are by no means experts in audio but still enjoy the MA-707. It's a very useful peace of equipment!"
Debbie Friedman, Epstein Hebrew Academy (EHA), USA
"We use the MA-707 as a microphone daily during lunchtime and other assemblies, so that teachers, administrators, and children can be heard in front of an audience. We also use it as an amplifier for some assemblies, playing CDs in the CD player which is embedded inside. It has been durable and useful for a long period of time."
Cecil Goldstein, Brisbane, Australia
"I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to you for your prompt and helpful response to my recent question regarding the compatibility of the MRM-70 receiver module with a single channel receiver module in an older model MA-707. Thanks to the information and guidance you gave me, we were able to get the receiver installed and working with the single-channel module without any problems. Our MA-707 is still functioning perfectly and is a testament to the high quality product you produce, and by being able to still upgrade it now, its excellent performance has even been enhanced!".
MA-808 Portable Wireless PA System
Street Performer: Stefan Volgger - "The Professional Idiot"
"I am using the most powerful mobile PA system from MIPRO, the MA -808PA. As I am performing inside but also on the streets the system with its mobility, the great batteries and the big audio power is perfect for my work. Put down the box, switch it on and you are ready to go. Without annoying cables, a separate mixer or even a stand for the box you can use it to perform in front of hundreds of people easily. I love it! With the fitting box cover SC-75 I can even play at all kind of weather. I thank MIPRO for this great construction and this unique system!" ("Ich verwende den stärksten Mobilverstärker von MIPRO, den MA-808PA. Da ich meine Shows nicht nur drinnen auf Bühnen, sondern auch draußen auf der Straße spiele ist dieses System auf Grund seiner Mobilität, der spitzen Akkus und der hohen Verstärker-Leistung das perfekte Soundsystem für mich. Lautsprecher abstellen, einschalten und los gehts! - Keine nervigen Kabeln, kein externes Mischpult, kein Ständer… und trotzdem kann man damit ein paar hundert Leute problemlos beschallen. Ich liebe das! Des Weiteren verwende ich die passende Schutzhülle von MIPRO und kann somit bei jeder Witterung spielen. Ich danke MIPRO für ihre tolle Leistung und dieses einzigartige System!") Stefan Volgger alias MISTER STEFANO,Comedy - Juggling - Magic - Stilts - Acrobatics - ..."The Professional Idiot", www.mister-stefano.at
Famous Austrian performer artist, El Diabolero, performing using a MIPRO MA-808PA (+MU-53HN)
El Diabolero, "I am very pleased with this MIPRO wireless PA and have used the MA-808 for many years without any problems. Thank you, MIPRO, for designing this excellent product!". Youtube: youtu.be/avh9DHcxHVo
MI-808 Wireless In-ear Monitoring System
Robby Henderson, touring artist
“I have been using the MI-808 for years now while on tour in Europe. I find it to have accurate clear sound and a robust quality build which means it stands up to any knocks and bumps it might take. I wouldn’t ever perform without mine.”
Tyler Roberts, Artist, http://www.tyler-roberts.com
"I am a huge fan of your wireless in ear monitors. I used to use the Shure system but since using the MI-808 I don't want to use anything else since it is better in every way for a touring musician."
Dan Stewart, Group Dan Stewart & Pure Gospel
"The Mipro microphones are clear as a bell, never give us any trouble and naturally reproduce our vocals without any false coloration.”
Steve Sechler: Road Manager and Lead Guitarist for John Conlee
"I have come through a busy touring season in all types of venues and my Mipro in-ear-monitor system and guitar wireless system has performed flawlessly. I honestly think my wireless guitar tone is as good as using a good quality cable"
Will James, Pro Audio Review Magazine
"Easy to use and setup, good sound and no dropouts...the MI-808 is a real contender. " - Bill Evans, FOH Magazine "I found MIPRO MI-808 in-ear monitor system to be of excellent quality. The RF path was clean, quiet and interference-free. The ability of belt pack to filter out unwanted RF frequencies was superb. The construction is top-shell stuff and will offer many miles of trouble-free use."
Steve Sechler: Road Manager and Lead Guitarist for John Conlee. Portable ENG Receiver
"I have come through a busy touring season in all types of venues and my MIPRO in-ear-monitor system and ACT-707S guitar wireless system has performed flawlessly. I honestly think my wireless guitar tone is as good as using a good quality cable".
Elec R. Winner, Director of Tech Ministry
"I've had to go with in-ears for one deaf (ish) guitar player. We can't have hardwired or headphones. I use a company called Mipro. They're innovative and relatively inexpensive".
MI-909 Digital In-ear Monitoring System
Michal Ostoja-Ostaszewski, Composer, Recording & FOH Sound Engineer
"Remote sound control during live music venues requires a good wireless IEM system for a sound engineer to monitor mixer signals from anywhere within the concert hall. I tested a number of available solutions, spoke to numerous manufacturers regarding an optimal IEM system for sound engineers, until finally I got my hands on the new Mi-909 digital system. Thanks to its crystal clear digital sound and strong, reliable RF performance it immediately became my personal monitor for all venues." (Michal Ostoja-Ostaszewski: Composer, Recording & FOH Sound Engineer, Music Producer. As a Front of House sound engineer he often collaborates with the most prestigious concert halls in Poland, including Warsaw Philharmonic and the Royal Castle. His music production skills are recognized by many international leading artists and companies he has worked for.)
MR-Series Wireless Systems
Jorge Luis Quevedo, Argentina
"I am very glad to tell you MR-801 is an excellent microphone for presentations! I feel sure when working with it because it sounds incredible. I recommend it because of its quality and price."
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