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Queen City Metro Conference Center Thrives with MIPRO ACT 2400 Series Wireless Mic System
MIPRO Portable PAs Partnered Artists in Paderborn International Arts Fair
MIPRO Helps Spread the Word at Redemptoris Mater Seminary, Dundalk
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MIPRO designs, manufactures and markets professional, high-performance wireless microphone and portable wireless sound systems via an authorized, strong international network of 80 distributors and its dealers.

All service and repair issues for MIPRO are handled directly by our authorized international distributors.

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MIPRO products are 100% design and made in Taiwan & Japan.
MIPRO Corporate Headquarters
814 Pei-kang Road, Chiayi, 60096, Taiwan mipro@mipro.com.tw
+ 886-5-238-0809 + 886-5-238-0803
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Kindly note MIPRO does not sell directly to final end-users. MIPRO products are sold via authorized international distributors and dealers.

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