December 19, 2022


MIPRO ACT-848 wins a gold in London Design Awards 2022 and MA-300D portable wireless PA system wins a silver.

The ACT-848 Digital Wireless System is a revolution in sound quality. It eliminates the phase distortion of high and low frequencies, the compander noise that inevitably exists in analog systems, and improves sound quality which often deteriorates in relation to distance and receiving signal strength. With features such as various built-in EQ settings and anti-feedback in digital processing, the sound quality is stable and authentic thus delivering a wireless sound quality almost as good as a wired system. Also, the 256-bit digital encryption provides a secure audio transmission and prevents eavesdropping. As its wireless transmission and sound quality noticeably surpass analog systems, the ACT-848 Digital Wireless System is definitely the most reliable and advanced wireless system for any professional application.

The ACT-848 Digital Wireless System includes ACT-848 1U Quad-Channel receiver, ACT-800H handheld wireless microphone, and ACT-800T bodypack transmitter. With a quad-channel setup, the receiver can save 50% of cabinet space for multi-channel installation. Additionally, the system can be controlled through MIPRO ACT-BUS PC-controlled interface and MIPRO MES-100 web remote bridge, making it more user-friendly. The interchangeable design of the handheld microphones not only accepts any dynamic or condenser mic capsule module of MIPRO but also other brands with a similar thread.


With its adequate size, delicate sound and versatile functions, the MA-300D is perfect for a smaller group or personal use for an affordable price. Its clear and powerful sound is also great for events hosting around 50 persons. As it pairs with 2 sets of wireless microphones, users can select either UHF or universal ISM 5.8 GHz receivers to fit their needs. MIPRO MA-300D uses a class D amplifier to drive a two-way speaker system that delivers a better sound effect than other similar products with a full-range speaker system. With added sound pressure technique and high efficiency horn, the MA-300D has a more natural and lifelike sound that meets instrumental performances requiring higher sound quality. For the 5.8 GHz model, in addition to the common handheld, lavalier and headset microphones, there are various instrument microphone sets to choose from, including guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, saxophones, flute, cajon and erhu. As the MA-300D includes 2 wireless receivers, users can choose any two wireless microphones for flexibility, and that is convenient for street performances. The 5.8 GHz digital receiver option features wide frequency response, thus it can perfectly represent the quality sound effect, that is, from high to low frequency of the instruments, through the speaker.

The MA-300D is a multifunctional all-in-one product that integrates two receivers, an amplifier, and a player/recorder within a portable speaker. The plug-in Bluetooth module allows Bluetooth connectivity with cell phones or other mobile devices for playing background music. With the built-in player/recorder module, the MA-300D can record the acoustic performance and the background music into one MP3 file.

proimages/news/2022dec02_3-ce.jpg MIPRO’s distributor in UK, CUK Audio, on behalf of MIPRO to receive the trophies of London Design Awards 2022

About London Design Awards

London Design Awards was founded in 2010 and is handled by BETTER FUTURE, the world's largest network of design awards and a global design organization. The jury is composed of 180 design experts. The “Product Design – Technology” category award celebrates creative and innovative design for either a component or an overall product. Consideration is given to aspects that relate to human usage, aesthetics, selection of components and materials, and the resolution of assembly, manufacturing and overall function.

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ACT-848 Digital Wireless System

MA-300D Portable Wireless PA System

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