The founder of MIPRO Electronics, K.C. Chang, created his own brand “MIPRO”. Taken “Producing the best wireless microphones and creating a world-class brand” as his mission, he invested in the research and development, production and marketing of wireless microphones and related products. With its innovative design and excellent quality, MIPRO products have been continuously nominated for the “TEC AWARD”, and have repeatedly won Taiwan Excellence Award, Red Dot Design Award, iF Design Award. Distributing more than 80 countries, MIPRO has been one of the world’s well-known wireless microphone brands.
Company Profile

In 1995, MIPRO was founded in Chiayi, Taiwan by founder K. C. Chang. Solomon Chang is the company president. They lead a team of specialized and seasoned R&D engineers, in designing, manufacturing and selling wireless pro-audio products based on the motto “innovation, quality and satisfied users”. MIPRO mass-produces all products under ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standard, efficient production management system, and markets worldwide under the “MIPRO” brand at key pro-audio trade shows worldwide. For 25 years of steady growth, now MIPRO is the largest wireless audio products manufacturer in Taiwan.

Founder Profile

In 1970, MIPRO founder, K. C. Chang, designed the first FM wireless microphone to create a new generation of wireless microphones in Taiwan. In 1971, he founded the first wireless electronics factory and designed the first wireless microphone and obtained Taiwan telecom approval for legal commercial sales and applications in Taiwan. Later, he designed the first VHF and UHF wireless microphone system. In 1995, he established MIPRO Electronics Company by sole proprietorship and served as CEO.

Brand Story

MIPRO comes from the combination of the acronym MI and PRO of Microphone Professionals, which means “wireless microphone expert”.
“To provide innovative and fine wireless microphone products for global users and bring them a wonderful sound reinforcement experience” is a promise of MIPRO.


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