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  • Condenser Vocal Microphones
    Condenser Vocal Microphones
    MIPRO condenser microphones features wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rich, bright and clear sound effects, rapid transient response and are close to natural sound.
    • MM-80
    • MM-90
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  • Dynamic Vocal Microphones
    Dynamic Vocal Microphones
    Supercardioid dynamic vocal microphones feature superb directionality, feedback suppression, and ultra-low handling noise.
    • MM-39
    • MM-59
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  • Bifunctional Microphone
    Bifunctional Microphone
    The world's first dual dynamic and condenser microphone that accepts both dynamic or condenser microphone capsules.
    • MM-590
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  • Measurement Microphone
    Measurement Microphone
    The MM-100 features a flat and wide frequency response. Ideal for sound field frequency response measurement and various musical instruments pick-up and recording.
    • MM-100
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  • Instrument Microphones
    Instrument Microphones
    The MM-300 and MM-500 professional high sensitivity instrument microphones are designed for live shows and musical instruments pick-up and recording.
    • MM-300
    • MM-500
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