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  • UHF BC-T II Series
    UHF BC-T II Series
    The BC-100T II can connect directly with MM-206L / MM-205L / MM-204L gooseneck microphone to be a wireless conference microphone.
    • BC-100T II
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  • ISM BC-T II Series
    ISM BC-T II Series
    BC-T Series encloses the transmitter PCB for wireless transmission and can also connect directly with MM-206 / MM-205 / MM-204 gooseneck microphone.
    • BC-24T II
    • BC-58T II
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  • 3 PIN Gooseneck Microphones
    3 PIN Gooseneck Microphones
    The MM-204J / 205J / 206J gooseneck microphone has 3 pin XLR plug for connecting directly to any mixer supplying phantom power.
    • MM-204J
    • MM-205J
    • MM-206J
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  • 4 PIN Gooseneck Microphones
    4 PIN Gooseneck Microphones
    The MM-204L / 205L / 206L gooseneck microphone has an integrated LED ring that illuminates red to indicate the microphone is active.
    • MM-204L
    • MM-205L
    • MM-206L
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  • Boundary Microphone Base
    Boundary Microphone Base
    The BC-100 II can connect with MM-series 4-Pin gooseneck microphone to be a desktop conference microphone.
    • BC-100 II
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