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  • UHF Antennas
    UHF Antennas
    Includes AT-70W omnidirectional antenna, AT-90W directional antenna, and AT-100 directional circularly polarized antenna, providing high-efficiency transmission and reception range.
    • AT-70W
    • AT-90W
    • AT-100
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  • ISM Antennas
    ISM Antennas
    Includes AT-24 2.4 GHz quasi-circularly polarized antenna and AT-58 5 GHz directional antenna, providing an optimized signal transmission of the ISM 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz frequency band.
    • AT-24
    • AT-58
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  • UHF Passive Antenna Divider / Combiner
    UHF Passive Antenna Divider / Combiner
    The AD-12 can either divide an RF signal into 2 signal outputs or combine 2 signals into 1 signal output. Simultaneously, it links up bias voltage to external boosters.
    • AD-12
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  • UHF 1-channel Auto Gain Controller
    UHF 1-channel Auto Gain Controller
    The AD-702 automatically detects the cable loss between the receiver and the built-in booster of the antenna, adjusts the gain of the booster, and precisely compensate for the cable loss.
    • AD-702
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  • UHF 4-channel Antenna Divider
    UHF 4-channel Antenna Divider
    The AD-708 is designed for pairing with an MPB-30 gain-controllable antenna booster to detect the cable loss, adjust the gain and precisely compensate the loss automatically.
    • AD-708
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  • UHF 4-channel Antenna Combiner
    UHF 4-channel Antenna Combiner
    The AD-808 is designed for combining the outputs signals of 2 to 4 MIPRO MI-909T transmitters into 1 output signal and transmitting by one antenna to simplify the antenna system installation.
    • AD-808
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  • UHF Wideband RF Power Amplifier
    UHF Wideband RF Power Amplifier
    The AD-90A RF power amplifier is primarily used to increase the power output of a transmitter, providing long-distance and optimal, reliable RF transmission signal quality.
    • AD-90A
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  • UHF Wideband RF Power Splitter
    UHF Wideband RF Power Splitter
    The AD-90S RF power splitter allows dividing 1 transmitter output into 4 transmitting antennas without power loss for covering a large and multiple-direction area of long-distance wireless transmission.
    • AD-90S
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  • UHF Gain-Controllable Antenna Booster
    UHF Gain-Controllable Antenna Booster
    The MPB-30 is paired with the AD-708 antenna divider to detect the cable loss and automatically adjust the gain of the booster output between 0~14 dB to compensate precisely for the cable loss.
    • MPB-30
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  • ISM Antenna Booster
    ISM Antenna Booster
    Optimized in the ISM 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz band to amplify the antenna signals, offering 20 dB gain to compensate for signal loss over long antenna cables.
    • MPB-24
    • MPB-58
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  • Booster Relay Power Supply
    Booster Relay Power Supply
    MP-10 independently provides power to the external/internal antenna booster, more boosters can be connected to compensate for the signal loss.
    • MP-10
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