Product Name : 12V Lithium Ion Battery Case

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  • MB-80 battery case is designed to hold four 65~70mm (length) lithium batteries. Four series-connected battery voltages coincide and are compatible with the voltage of 12V lead-acid batteries. Therefore, it can be a direct replacement battery for the existing MB-70 lead-acid battery inside the MIPRO wireless PA systems.
  • The lithium-ion battery is reputed for its long battery life and high numbers of charge cycles and features superior weather resistance and durability. Thus, an ideal upgrade option for a battery that is lightweight, low in failure rate, and environmentally friendly.
  • MB-80 has BMS smart battery management circuits and provides safe charging and longer life cycles.
  • It holds four 32650/ 26650/ 32700 lithium-ion batteries.
  • Same polarity direction insertion with screws and hooks for secure and easy installation.
  • Standard output voltage 12.8V; maximum continuous output current up to 8A.
  • Shorts-circuit protection ensures the safe operation of batteries.
  • Each battery has protection circuits for overcharge voltage at 3.9V and over-discharging voltage at 2.0V.
  • A smart management circuit ensures balanced charging and discharging states.
  • Four 32650 high-capacity lithium-ion batteries installed in an MB-80 can be interchangeable with one MB-70 rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery.
  • Flame retardant rating: V0.


Spec Sheet
MB-80 12V Lithium Ion Battery Case (Ver.2021) 0.09M | 2021/09/02
User Guide
MB-80 12V Lithium Ion Battery Case 0.63M | 2021/09/13

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