Product Name : MI-24 Series

*The product images and specifications shown on our website may differ from the actual products due to different versions.

  • The MI-24 Series digital wireless IEM system operates in ISM 2.4 GHz band and presets 8 channels. Simple functions and operations for the personal user market.
  • The MI-24 adopts a 24-bit / 48 kHz sample rate. The main features are similar to the MI-58 system. However, the MI-24R receiver adds EAR DRIVE to enhance the performance of earphones and the audio latency is < 3.5 ms, thus satisfying the demanding music listeners.
  • Before, the MI-909 Series UHF IEM system cannot deliver the best sound quality due to telecom regulation restrictions. Now the MI-24 system has the advantages of the frequency band, sound quality and price, so it is the best choice out of the wireless IEM system.


Spec Sheet
MI-24R 2.4 GHz Digital Stereo Bodypack Receiver (Ver.2024) 0.20M | 2024/03/21
MI-24T 2.4 GHz Digital Stereo Transmitter (Ver.2024) 0.24M | 2024/03/21
User Guide
MI-24R Digital Stereo Bodypack Receiver 2.26M | 2021/09/10
MI-24T Digital Stereo Transmitter (MI-24T / MI-24TD) 4.08M | 2021/09/10

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