Product Name : Receivers Power Supply Storage Case

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  • When a sound engineer is installing multiple wireless systems in a fixed or portable rack case, the most troublesome job is to organize and fix both the power supply unit (PSU) and power cords in the back of a rack case. The MPC-100 allows engineers to pre-install the original PSU of the wireless system into the cabinet. By doing so, you have the benefit of using one power cord for the whole rack as all PSU and their power cords will be safely and neatly stored within the garnering case which is connected to an extension power cord and only the DC output cables connect to the receivers.
Product Introduction
Name Receivers Power Supply Storage Case
Chassis EIA standard 1U metal case
Panel The front panel has a power indicator and the rear panel has one AC input socket and 5 DC output jacks. In addition, there is a bracket that holds 5 PSUs and screws are provided to attach the bracket to the bottom of the garnering case.
Dimensions 482 × 44 × 155 mm (W×H×D)
Weight Approx. 1.6 kg
Note Refer to the actual product in the event of product discrepancy.


User Guide
MPC-100 Receivers Power Supply Storage Case 2.35M | 2021/09/09

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