December 20, 2023


This year, MIPRO has successfully developed waterproof microphones with a waterproof material used in their microphone capsule modules. After extensive testing, the MU-57H headworn microphone and MU-57 lavalier microphone have both passed the IP57 waterproof test in September 2023 and are now officially introduced to the market.

The MU-57H headworn microphone is equipped with a sweat-resistant ring at its ends, effectively preventing sweat from adhering and reducing the risk of corrosion to the microphone capsule. The MU-57 series microphones feature a 4.5 mm ultra-compact omnidirectional microphone capsule, delivering outstanding off-axis response and providing a comprehensive audio pickup range suitable for various wearing scenarios. The audio reproduction is characterized by a remarkably clear and vibrant sound, exhibiting high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamics, and rapid transient response, ensuring a perfect reproduction of the original sound.

The MU-57H headworn microphone comes with a newly designed adjustable frame, ensuring a stable and comfortable wearing experience, especially suitable for use in lecture halls, stages, or vigorous physical activities where sound pick-up is needed. The frame includes boom pivots on both sides, designed to secure the microphone capsule boom and allow for rotation, facilitating users in adjusting the length, direction, and angle of the microphone capsule. Both the MU-57H and MU-57L microphones come standard with MIPRO 3.5 mm TS connectors, and alternative connector types can be specified based on individual requirements, providing flexibility in usage.

MU-57H specifications:
MU-57L specifications:

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