Product Name : Dante Interface Module

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MIPRO’s digital ACT-828 / 848 and analog ACT-727 / 747 / 525 / 545 receivers can be equipped with a Dante interface. Digital transmission ensures less environmental interference and less signal attenuation due to distance. This feature makes Dante the most popular Ethernet-based digital audio transmission interface in the audio industry. Using a 100 Mb/s cable, it can transmit to a maximum distance of 100 meters, and, through packet and TDM technology, a single network cable can now transmit multiple channels of audio signal. Besides, with a Dante Controller, audio stream routing and monitoring is now an easy task.

Dante Network

Connecting cat. 5, 5e, or 6 network cables to an Ethernet switch as illustrated below. (Fig) Note: The ethernet switch must have DHCP function or should connect to an external DHCP server, e.g. Wi-Fi router.

Audio Stream Routing and Monitoring

Routing and monitoring of audio streaming can be easily achieved by using a Dante Controller. For downloading instructions on the Dante Controller, please refer to the Audinate official website.


User Guide
Dante Interface Module Dante Interface Board Assembly Diagram for ACT-525 / ACT-545 / ACT-727 / ACT-747 Receivers 0.17M | 2021/09/13
Dante Interface Module Dante Interface Board Assembly Diagram for ACT-828 / ACT-848 Receivers 0.17M | 2021/09/13

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