Product Name : Alto Saxophone Microphone Set

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  • Each MIPRO proprietary instrument microphone set consists of a MIPRO-produced miniature condenser microphone capsule, particularly designed for each instrument according to its acoustic characteristics under collaboration with professional musicians and musical instrument manufacturers.
  • Each microphone set is assembled on a specific anti-shock holder to prevent touch noise and strategically placed in the position that picks up the accurate sound of the instrument. It is easy to install and remove, and protects these precious instruments from surface scratches.
  • The high dynamic range characteristic of MIPRO digital transmission technology is ideal for picking up the sound under high SPL and presents complete sound details for natural sound reproduction.
  • MIPRO scientifically analyzes the structure and the resonance characteristics of the instrument body to design the microphone sets that can completely pick up the natural sound of the instrument, which is different from the electronic sound by a pickup. The signal output can be transmitted by cables or directly connected to a transmitter for wireless transmission.
Product Introduction
Name Alto Saxophone Microphone Set
Color Black
Cable SH-10S
Holder SG-10S
Capsule Module MU-16
Directionality Semi-supercardioid
Max. SPL 142 dB
Transmitter MT-58
Note Refer to the actual product in the event of product discrepancy.


User Guide
Musical Instrument Series Microphone Set (GM-10A / UM-10C / SM-10 / DM-10C) 0.61M | 2021/09/13

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