Product Name : 2.4 GHz Digital Bodypack Transmitter

*The product images and specifications shown on our website may differ from the actual products due to different versions.

  • New Product

  • Digital

  • ISM Band

  • ISM 2.4 GHz

  • LED Display

  • ACT™ Channel Synchronization

  • AA

  • Li-ion

  • USB Type C
  • Newly designed compact and lightweight housing for easy to wear.
  • The panel integrates a power switch and a backlit LCD to display all operating information.
  • On top of the housing is equipped with an antenna, mute button and mini XLR connector. The Mini XLR audio input connector accepts either a screw-lock or a TA4F quick-lock plug. A remote-control mute jack is for easy activation of the mute function.
  • The audio input can match up low and high input impedance. The high dynamic range audio input prevents saturation distortion.
  • The world’s first ACT™ function provides precise and rapid frequency sync to the receiver.
  • The patented battery compartment can be inserted with two AA-type batteries or one rechargeable battery, charging via USB Type-C with the foolproof and safe charging circuit.
  • A belt clip for easy wearing.
Product Introduction
Name ISM 2.4 GHz Bodypack Transmitter
Frequency Range ISM 2.4 GHz (2,400~2,483.5 MHz)
RF Power Output 2 / 10 mW Switchable (country dependent)
Mic Capsule Paired lavalier mic MU-55L or optional other MIPRO’s lavalier and headworn mic capsule modules.
Max. Audio Input 6.5 dBV
Display Green backlit LCD
Battery One 18500 lithium-ion battery or two AA alkaline
Charging Type USB Type-C with the foolproof and safe charging circuit.
Dimensions 63 × 80 × 25 mm (W×H×D)
Weight Approx. 83 g
Note Refer to the actual product in the event of product discrepancy.


Spec Sheet
ACT-240T 2.4 GHz Digital Bodypack Transmitter (Ver.2021) 0.18M | 2021/08/18
User Guide
ACT Series Bodypack Transmitters (ACT-800T / ACT-700T / ACT-500T / ACT-300T / ACT-240T / ACT-580T) 4.23M | 2021/09/09

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